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We are simply perfect for you, if you are:

Ambitious 🚀

If you are someone with a relentless drive to achieve your goals, fueled by your aspirations to reach for the stars and make a lasting impact on the world.

Creative 🎨

If you are someone who thrives in exploring new ideas and expressing yourselves through various forms of art and literature, enriching their experiences and perspectives.

Driven 💡

If you are motivated by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to excel, and demonstrates unwavering determination in their pursuit of academic success, continuously seeking opportunities to grow and improve.

Determined 🌟

If you are someone who never loses sight of their objectives as they navigate through their academic journey with unwavering determination and perseverance.

We ain't experts but

we believe in community driven learning.

We understand every student’s journey is unique, so we offer diverse resources tailored to your needs. From college guidance to creative outlets, we bridge gaps and empower you to succeed. At Perspectrix, community and collaboration redefine education’s possibilities.

What our members say about us.

Getting a space to interact with others with similar mindset is bizarre; Perspectrix has made that easier for me. Also, by providing me with resources and mocks for preparation of my exams and by providing me with the abouts of dance competitions and different programs, this platform has played a big role in my professional growth. My personal experience with Perspectrix has just been like a relationship with a friend so far; with whom you not only always enjoy, but you also learn many things and grow as an individual too. I have to say, Perspectrix justifies its name like no one else does

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you guys like to chit chat? Obviously, we love to! What else do we love? well – YOU!

Is it free?

yeah, unlike other institutes most of our services are free and many a times – we take a step further to even help you with your applications!

Can I chit chat about anything?

We have multiple channels and the ones which resonate with you, you can join them and make the community abuzz!

What's your experience with the SAT?

Well, the one who is writing this code – has scored 1510 and our community is full of people who have 1500+ scores on their SAT, you can expect *real* not reel mentorship here!

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